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Memory Garden

Memory Garden - Jamestown, NYLiving with Alzheimer's disease is a frightening experience. Day-to-day tasks become confusing and challenging. Once familiar surroundings seem foreign, and faces of loved ones become unfamiliar. Routines and living arrangements that promote one's sense of security, self worth, and dignity, restore the individual's ability to participate in meaningful activity.

Our "Path of Care" defines steps throughout the progression of this disease that promote well-being for the afflicted individual. Our Homecare program focuses on individualized attention in one's own home. This option serves to provide us with a deeper understanding of the individual we are caring for and a greater opportunity to understand who this individual was prior to the onset of memory impairment. Adult Day Services increase social interaction among peers and promotes friendships and social activity. Memory Garden is a residence, built on the premise that individuals with memory impairment reach a point when they require around the clock attention and assistance beyond what a single caregiver is able to provide in the home. Each step in our "Path of Care" was carefully designed and developed to help you embrace the idea of acquiring assistance with this "family disease."
Memory Garden - Jamestown, NY
An emotional and personal approach was taken throughout the phases of design, development, building and completion of our physically supportive environment. Our memory care community protects residents from their own cognitively poor judgment while helping them to remain functional. As contributors in the upkeep of their household, they are encouraged to participate in gender specific activities, and therefore a sense of purpose and well-being remains in their lives.

Caring for a memory impaired loved one at home is at best, frightening, painful and exhausting. The overwhelming stress on the caregiver is so often reflected in the behaviors of the memory impaired individual. Our life's work is to alleviate both.


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Memory Garden - Jamestown, NY
Memory Garden



"Words cannot express our thanks for all you do! What a blessing for our family - way above what anyone could hope for!!"
Bruce E.

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